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Improving hospital efficiency, one surgical tray at a time.

AI-powered apps built for sterile processing technicians and hospitals


Instruments & devices

Experience the future of surgical asset management with our
AI-powered revolution. 


LayerJot's innovative AI-powered apps make identifying and finding accurate information about your surgical instruments easy. Improve your tray assembly process and remove unnecessary instruments from your count sheets.

Ease of use

Use our intuitive interface to search millions of surgical instruments using your device’s camera or assisted text search to get accurate results.



Make sure you are working with the right instrument when assembling a tray, every single time. Get instrument descriptions, photos, best practices, cross-references, IFUs, and more.



Our catalog, tray management and inspection tools can help you streamline your SPD workflow and improve efficiency, whether you use them as part of your existing system or as a standalone solution.

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See how our AI power-tools can help you manage your surgical assets in a better way


Work easier

See how you can use SID 3.0 to easily and accurately identify surgical instruments



Operate better


See how you can increase efficiency and reduce operating costs with EasyTray


Powered by LayerJot

See how you can reach & scale customers with our
AI-driven digital catalogs

An easier way to assemble sets with less errors and a way to ensure that the way the tray is assembled is standardized.

Lead Sterile Processing Tech

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