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Helping hospitals to operate better

We enable SPDs to provide surgeons with the right surgical instrument, in the right condition, on time, every time.

The surgical instrument logistics industry is ready for innovation. With an aging workforce, outdated IT systems, and a lack of data and analytics, there is an excellent opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce costs. By investing in new technologies, such as AI and machine learning, the industry can improve patient outcomes, surgeon satisfaction, and the bottom line.

Introducing the new surgical tray assembly solution

From digital count sheets to visual inspection of surgical instruments, EasyTray is the new way to assemble your surgical trays.


Onboard new team members quickly and easily

Your workforce is changing, and you need to train new sterilization technicians quickly. EasyTray can help you train your team more efficiently, so you will always have an effective team.

EZT coach-min.png
EZT assembler-min.png

Reduce tray assembly errors

Instrument-related issues during surgery can cost millions, cause delays and cancellations, and impact patient outcomes and surgeon satisfaction. Achieve 100% accuracy in assembling surgical trays with EasyTray.

Standardize your team’s work

From instrument verification to proper placement and tray assembly, our technology will standardize your team's workflow and reduce delays caused by guesswork.


Great way to add efficiency to the tray management process while assisting staff accuracy.

SPD Supervisor

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