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The easy and affordable way to manage
surgical trays

AI-powered instrument catalog, count sheet manager, and tray assembly solution. No installation required.

EasyTray is a powerful app that can be used by anyone in your sterilization department, regardless of their experience level. It provides step-by-step guidance for creating count sheets, enhancing instrument-specific information, and assembling accurate trays.EasyTray works with SPM, and it can be used as a stand-alone (web-based application that requires no installation or an iPad app).

This is how it's done

The most accurate  way to manage and assemble surgical trays:

The catalog

EasyTray leverages LayerJot's robust instrument catalog with millions of items enriched with high quality photos, IFUs, Inspection Checklists and much more!

The Tray Builder

EasyTray's Tray Builder enables you to quickly and accurately create count sheets like you've never seen before.

The Coach

EasyTray Coach is a powerful training and inservice tool to help ensure your staff is adequately trained and prepared to assemble complex trays.

The Tray assembler

EasyTray Assembler leverages powerful new Computer Vision and AI tools to help your team achieve 100% accuracy when assembling trays.

This is what you get

easytray 5.jpg


Onboarding - empowers new technicians to complete surgical trays quickly and accurately.


Accuracy - supports technicians of all levels in achieving 100% accuracy at tray assembly.


Efficiency - reduces delays caused by guesswork (finding instruments, searching for substitutes).


Low-cost - Our unique platform is affordable and completely web-based. Your budget and your IT team will thank you. 

An easy interactive way to assemble trays and get it right every time! Especially useful to beginners, this app allows users to access all information about each and every instrument.

Sterile Processing Tech

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