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Your customers, powered by LayerJot

Leverage LayerJot’s AI, computer vision, and data management tools to enhance your catalog, solutions, and services.


Your instrument catalog.
Our technology.

Featuring AID: Aesculap Instrument Directory

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Give your customers a cutting-edge catalog experience. Our platform offers a wide range of features for web and mobile, and our customizable, private-label application can be tailored to your specific needs. We're here to help you create a catalog that your customers will love.

Increase sales and improve customer service

Our digital catalog makes it easy to reorder instruments and devices with just a few clicks. You can also initiate a service request for any of your instruments or devices right from the catalog. We make it simple so you can focus on what's important.

Choose the level that suits your needs


  • Instrument information from your catalog

  • Instrument photos

  • Links to IFU's

  • Custom branding

  • Text search

  • Visual search 

  • Email support



  • Cross reference

  • Notes

  • Visual search (shape)

  • Visual inspection reports

  • Shopping cart with email notifications


  • Maintenance checklists

  • Service dashboard

  • Support dashboard

  • shopping cart integration with

Introducing: LayerJot Hub SDK

Supercharge your solutions with AI-powered data management,  computer vision and delightful user experiences.


The HUB SDK empowers both on-premise and cloud-based applications to leverage the cutting-edge AI infrastructure of LayerJot. By integrating advanced LLM and computer vision models, purpose-built for surgical and asset management domains, HUB SDK enables applications to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Smart scanner

Quickly and easily identify instruments, supplies, and devices with our fast barcode, text, and shape scanning technology

Smart data

LayerJot's AI-powered catalog and cross-reference engine can help identify and correct errors in data, such as typos, inconsistencies, and missing information. Perfect for count-sheet audits and optimization.

Smart workflows

LayerJot's "guide and verify" technology helps new employees get up to speed and ensures quality across the workforce.

Smart informatics

Offer unparalleled access to data on inventory, workforce efficiency, and actual utilization of surgical instruments in the OR.

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