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A faster, more accurate way to identify surgical instruments

Introducing the future of instrument identification. SID can identify any instrument in seconds, providing you with all the important information you need.

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 4M+ Instruments & devices

Stop guessing. Start knowing.


Say Hello to SID 2.0

Streamline your sterilization and tray-building process, identify instruments with ease, and get information about usage and inspection procedures for 4M+ instruments. Our AI-powered technology can help you reduce time-consuming errors, so you can focus on what's important.

Quick identification.

Search our catalog of over 4M surgical instruments using text, barcode, or a picture of the instrument, and get your information within seconds.

Accurate information.

Get the latest and most accurate information on every instrument every time. From instrument descriptions, photos, and best practices to IFUs.

Premium content.

Get free access to an ever growing catalog of podcasts,
webinars and courses, and earn CE credits.

Join our growing community now!

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