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SID Tutorials

Check out the tutorials below to learn more about utilizing SID as a search tool for surgical instruments.


Text search

Use the text search box to find items.

  1. Use predefined terms (categories and vendors)

  2. Type in the item's SKU or name/description

_visual search.gif

Visual Search

  1. Click on the visual search icon in the search bar

  2. Enable camera

  3. Place the item on the mat

  4. Take a photo by clicking the screen

  5. Rotate/open the item and
    place on the mat

  6. Take a second photo

  7. Review the search results

  8. Provide feedback on the accuracy of the results


  1. Click on the item menu

  2. Select "Share"

  3. Paste the link in an email, text message social media or any other internal communication channel

  4. Send to your peers


View notes and information

  1. Click on the instrument's card

  2. Scroll down to see all information

Add a note

  1. Select "Add a note" from the item's menu

  2. Enter a title, description and media.

  3. Send for approval

_create a note.gif
_add an instrument.gif

Add an instrument

  1. Click on "Add an instrument" button

  2. Select a vendor from an approved list, or suggest a new one

  3. Enter SKU

  4. Enter description

  5. Take or upload a photo for the catalog (optional)

  6. Capture 10 images of the instrument to enable the visual search (optional)

    • Place the item in the center

    • Click the screen to take a picture

    • Open/Rotate item between shots

  7. Send for review

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