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The Surgical Instrument Database That's Changing the World

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Last week, LayerJot's Etay Gafni was interviewed in the Beyond Clean podcast, where he shared some news about SID - our free surgical instrument database.

Here is what they said:

Surgical instrument identification is one of the most important skills that a Sterile Processing professional can have. Without knowing what each medical device actually is, it becomes impossible to properly clean, inspect, package, sterilize, and distribute with accuracy or compliance. On this unique Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight episode, we feature a ground-breaking new surgical instrument database developed by LayerJot, that is poised to change the way Sterile Processing technicians leverage assisted-reality technology to take their skills to the next level. Join us for this discussion as Etay Gafni, CEO of LayerJot, describes the value of such a tool to impact surgical quality across the continuum of care. When speed and precision are of the essence, this surgical instrument directory is ready at your fingertips.

Click on the player to listed to the podcast:

For more information about the world’s largest FREE instrument database search tool, visit them at Download the SID mobile app on Apple, Android, or access SID via your web-browser.


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