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How to find instruments using SID

We are starting a new blog series today that includes FAQs sent to us by SID users. We hope those FAQs will help you use the app and benefit from it in your daily tasks.

FAQ: I did not get the result I expected using the visual search. What can I do?

Even though SID has more than 65,000 instruments in its database, not all are available through visual search. We need help to capture more photos of these instruments before our AI can recognize them reliably. We will send a separate tip on how you can help us with that.

You can always use the SKU or a description to find an instrument.

For example, the search for “Fehland intestinal clamp” Will provide the following result:

Searching for “56-2510” would provide information about instruments with this SKU across vendors.

We hope SID is bringing you value. Please send us a note with comments, questions, and improvement suggestions.


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