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How can I use SID if I’m not allowed to bring my mobile phone into the SPD?

Today we would like to discuss an issue that many sterilization technicians bring up.

Many hospitals and facilities will not allow sterilization technicians to bring their mobile phones into the sterile environment. That does not mean that you cannot use SID as a tool to help you do your work better.

Since SID is a web-based app, you can run it from any work computer or other approved device connected to the internet. Just open the browser and go to

If you find that the hospital’s IT department blocks our app, please drop us a line - we can help get it allowed so you will be able to use it during work.

We would love to hear from you to understand what % of hospitals/SPDs block our app - can you update us on Facebook?

As always, we hope SID will bring you value in your daily work at the sterilization processing department :)


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