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Surgical Instrument Directory (SID)

The surgical world at your fingertips for free!


Using Computer Vision’s powerful search functions including text, voice, and image options, SID makes accurate instrument identification and verification a breeze. SID is comprised of an ever-growing index of surgical instruments that can be utilized in many different ways to adapt to needs of facilities both large and small.


Using a crowd-sourced approach, members of the FREE SID network can contribute to the database by providing valuable insights from the field. Members can always count on accurate information as all user submissions are reviewed by a moderator before being added to the database.



Search by SKU, vendor, description, or size to be able to quickly identify surgical instruments


Gain instant access to documentation including instrument descriptions, best practices, notes, and IFUs all provided by members of the SID community.


Easily share entries across teams or over shift changes through the intuitive mobile app. Share an instrument with your peers with a
click of a button!


From indexing new instruments to adding helpful notes about existing items, users help improve SID in countless ways!



Customize SID to meet the specific needs of your department with SID+, available as part of the LayerJot HUB subscription. Manage information that is unique and private to your organization and team, boosting efficiency, preserving knowledge, and allowing seamless onboarding of new staff.

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