Hardware Shop



We help store owners to reduce the time they spend on restocking and tracking the location of items in their stores.


Providing an omni-channel ecommerce by bridging on-line and offline shopping - helping customers find items quickly in the store.

We also help customers to identify items without name or barcode, such as screws, drill bits, and others, and to find them in the store.



Helping store staff to restock shelves fast and without mistakes by mapping items to a location in the store, using computer vision and AR, and providing indoor navigation assistance to the location they need to place the item.


We’ve all spent hours trying to figure out what screws we have or need. This is also a time-consuming task for the store employees. With the “Screw Finder”, anyone can identify the item they hold, get information about it, buy it online, or locate it at the store, with indoor guidance to location.




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