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Visual tray assembly + Zero installation

EasyTray is a seamless solution that works well across all levels of your department. From the novice technician to experienced managers, EasyTray can provide automated step-by-step support or can be used as a complementary verification aid. By letting your techs work at their own pace and utilize the full suite of resources or just as a completion double check, EasyTray is useful in countless ways.


With EasyTray, you’re in the driver’s seat. From instrument verification to proper placement and tray assembly, our technology will  standardize your team's work. As firm believers in creating tools that improve outcomes from the ground up, EasyTray from LayerJot is a standout solution that offers instant returns tray after tray.

The simplest way to assemble surgical trays:

  • Step-by-step guidance through the tray assembly process

  • Access inspection and assembly instructions (alerts, pictures, in-service videos, IFUs)

  • Computer Vision identification support, at the assembly table

  • Empowers new technicians to complete surgical trays quickly and accurately

  • Supports technicians in achieving 100% accuracy in assembling instrument trays

  • Upload count sheets using an Instrument Tracking System, or Excel/Google Sheet

  • Reduce delays caused by guesswork (finding instruments, searching for substitutes)


Contact us for access, demos and information.

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