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Simple is better.

Assisted-Reality applications built for Sterile Processing and OR professionals.

Welcome to the world’s largest FREE
instrument database search tool.

LayerJot’s suite of assisted-reality applications eliminate guesswork and help quickly identify surgical instruments with both visual and text search options. 


The power to save time is in your grasp with these easy-to-use tools that will provide an instant boost in standardization, efficiency and quality across your facility.

For Technicians

Access a database of
thousands of instruments
with a click of your camera to
prevent costly errors in your instrument trays. Identify instruments quickly and accurately with
SID instrument directory.

For Managers

Save time and money onboarding new staff with LayerJot’s industry-leading tools.
Take your staff on a
step-by-step journey to quickly
and accurately identify surgical instruments and trays.

For Educators

Improve patient outcomes by allowing real-time instrument and tray identification. LayerJot is committed to providing your healthcare team with the necessary tools to decrease errors and standardize
team training.


Surgical Instrumental Directory


The surgical world at your fingertips. SID (Surgical Instrument Directory) is an aggregated, multi-vendor directory of surgical instruments. With thousands of instruments and instrument patterns logged, SID is a simple search tool that can make a huge impact.

Take the SID experience to the next level with SID+, available as part of the LayerJot HUB subscription. SID+ creates a facility-specific community that seamlessly interfaces with your SID users. 

SID mobile2_edited.jpg
Medical Staff


People, Instruments, and Tasks 

HUB offers a seamless experience that will enhance your department as the
one-stop-shop for success on every shift.


From user information, department workflows, and team skills to employee orientation and competency documentation, make HUB the solution your department will love from day one.


Visual Tray Assembly 

Surgical tray assembly in a snap with EasyTray: a virtual tray assembly assistant that keeps ‘simple’ at the center of this important task.


Powered by Computer Vision’s state-of-the-art recognition software, EasyTray gives step-by-step guidance on how to assemble trays accurately and efficiently.


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