We believe that people are amazing. We are fast learners, creative and flexible, and can handle dynamic situations in life and at work. However, we only have our working memory to rely on, and are limited in how long we can keep our concentration when performing lengthy, repetitive tasks. Amplifying our natural capabilities will give us superpowers when it comes to manual tasks.


In recent years, the disciplines of computer vision and deep learning reached a higher level. New user experiences such as AR bring computing into the physical world, and advances in computer vision and AI allow machines to perceive real-life situations by analyzing massive amounts of visual information. Building on these new technologies, we can now enhance our natural skills where it matters the most.


We chose to apply this technology in healthcare first because lapses in concentration and human errors in this field might have grave consequences.  The medical field relies heavily on people’s manual dexterity and creative problem solving, and giving them an edge will improve overall results immensely.


LayerJot’s products help people in healthcare to perform manual tasks such as finding, counting, sorting and conducting visual inspections, where the cost of errors is extremely high. Our spatial understanding platform harnesses computer vision and AI to understand context while processing visual information so that the device becomes a seamless extension empowering the person.


We connect human imagination, flexibility, and dexterity with the computational speed and strength of networked machines.

Our technology allows people to transcend their natural abilities to master new skills and perform superhuman tasks.


We harness the latest innovations in sensors,
displays, deep learning, and computer vision to analyze a scene, identify objects of interest, understand their attributes, their states, and their relationships to create a new type of digital assistance for manual tasks. We call this core technology
Spatial Understanding.

Our technology can be deployed in the cloud or on edge devices. Depending on the task, we choose the most appropriate form factor from mobile phones, the T3 system, or AR headsets.



Etay has been an executive, entrepreneur, and leader for over 20 years. His career took him from startups to large corporations to nonprofits and back, and he's found joy on that spectrum.
Etay is passionate about leading design, product and development teams to create innovative products and services that delight customers. He creates focus and effectiveness using pragmatic methodologies, creating cohesive teams that consistently deliver.

Etay led product strategy, product development, and user experience projects for the companies he was fortunate to work at and for my clients.


Soren has been an executive, entrepreneur, and data science leader for twenty years. He thrives at the intersection of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the human experience. Soren loves empowering and delighting people with the unreasonable effectiveness of data.

While often leading from the keyboard, Soren has spent much of the last ten years in executive leadership roles at MuleSoft, Meta, BigCommerce, and Atlassian, building and running product management, data science, UX, user research, developer relations, marketing, and engineering teams. Soren has shipped consumer hardware development kits, e-commerce software to SMBs, and enterprise cloud platforms.